Privacy Policy

To All the users of through this page we assure you that we respect your privacy. As a user we assume that you agree with our privacy policy and will never misuse your personal information and will never participate in any such activities as we are committed to respecting your online privacy.

We may collect your personal information such as name, email, contact no, and location that we gathered through your device IP address to improve the services provided by us. We may use your contact details to communicate to you through emails, text messages, and notifications to inform you about product promotions, offers or any periodic communications based on services that you have adopted from us.

We may use cookies to collect information about the usage of our site on your device. Cookies are small files which are used to enhance the performance of the Website/Application on the user’s device. There are certain features which can be made available through the use of cookies. Cookies do not provide us with any access to the user’s device, the user has the option to Allow or Block cookies on their device, blocking cookies may prevent them from installing certain features of the website on the user’s device.

The Website includes third-party affiliate links, hyperlinks to third-party websites, and advertisement hyperlinks. We allow third parties to advertise on the website while your usage, we do not share any personal information about our users with the advertisers for any purpose.

Any personal data gathered by us is not shared/sold to any third party,

unless there are any legal requirements from government authorities to provide the information for any legal procedures.

Our privacy policies may change from time to time and we shall update them on our website upon any such changes in policies.