RAM (Random Access Memory) in Mobile

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RAM (Random Access Memory) in Mobiles is the key specification to check the performance parameters while buying your new mobile phone. Have you ever thought about why it is so important to have adequate RAM in your smartphone?

Today many mobile devices have high RAM, while higher version mobile phones come with RAM that has more capacity than usual computers. The efficiency of any computerized device increases with the increase in RAM capacity.

 Let’s understand the importance of Random Access Memory. In any computerized system, there are two types of memory primary memory and secondary memory. Primary memory is considered short-term memory or memory for little time, while Secondary memory is a permanent type of memory storage in a computerized system. Secondary memory remains in the device as long as the user wants to keep it. While primary memory gets erased as soon as the device is switched off or the power supply is cut-off.

What is RAM?

Random Access Memory (RAM) is storage for accessing ongoing operations to make your mobile/computer device super-fast. RAM stores the data of all recent/ongoing operations in a readily accessible way so that it can be easily fetched by the CPU whenever requires. RAM is a hundred times faster than the storage disk in your mobile/computer system. The higher the capacity of RAM, the higher the speed of your smartphone, which means your mobile can store more primary memory in RAM, that is readily accessible for the CPU. It is helpful in running applications at one time. Whenever the mobile is turned off the primary memory gets erased from the RAM. Now a day cell phones come with 4GB to 12GB RAM support which is pretty high for any typical smartphone.

Importance of RAM in mobile phones?

When you switch on your mobile phone, some part of RAM (that is primary memory) is acquired by the mobile operating system. Some part of the remaining RAM is acquired by other essential applications and the rest is used for all ongoing applications that you are using at the time. The higher the memory of RAM the higher the no. of applications that can be run at a particular time. RAM is a very essential part of your mobile device without it either you cannot use your smartphone or either it will be very slow.

When a new application is open in a computer device, the CPU fetches the data from secondary storage, and information is put in RAM so that it can be easily available for processing. This reduces the time of fetching data from secondary memory and makes your mobile more speed efficient. There are more complicated mobile applications that need higher RAM capacity to carry out operations effectively.

Why it is better to have more RAM in mobile.

Now, as we know that RAM in mobile is primary memory that is easily accessible for processing information infractions, this increases the speed of your mobile device. Today there is a revolution in mobile applications day by day, new applications, videos games are coming to market every day. These applications are getting more advance due to features that make applications heavy and complicated. The higher capacity RAM is useful to store this amount of ongoing process of applications in your device, otherwise, these applications may lag your mobile system while they are operated.

Today’s devices are multitasking, your WhatsApp, and Facebook are always running in the background, you play heavy games like PUBG, you may switch to another application on receiving notifications or you may text message or even make a call in between. To do all this simultaneously you need a good processor alongside high-capacity RAM. Otherwise, you may experience sluggish performance. Only having high-performing RAM does not matter your device should also have a good processor and graphics card.

What is the impact of low RAM?

When your device has low RAM, the operating system stores the less-needed background applications in secondary storage to make memory space available for your current applications to work efficiently. When a user swaps between these applications he may experience a lag in the device and this consumes time. To overcome this issue, you may need to manually clear your cache memory, or should have a cleaner application to clear the unwanted cache files.

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